4th of july & a strawberry pie

for some reason i am having trouble locating the pictures from my 4th of july. oops. i went with all the boys to steve’s parents house out in the country and we swam, cooked out, played ladder ball and with a slack line, shot off fireworks and sparklers and made smores! quite the perfect 4th i must say.
i also made my first strawberry pie of summer.
 also, i realize this post is very delayed. my apologies.

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things i’m thankful for:
new friends, old friends, friends on the road, baking, shoulders to lean on, the farmers market, fresh flowers, handmade quilts, thunderstorms, peaches, honesty, friendly customers, dreams, the support of my family, good books, washers in the grass, good conversation, sleeping in, the kindness of others, music i can feel to my toes, lightning bugs, love that runs deep & wide, the simple things that make life worthwhile, God’s infinite grace.
happy birthday aaron dale, i hope illinois made your birthday as special as you deserved. thank you for your 21 years of being a wonderful man and being my utmost joy. come home soon to me.

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these flowers have made me a happy girl this week.

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fathers day

happy fathers day to my sweet papa

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asheville,wilmington, raleigh, greensboro. my feet have been in all of these places in the course of the last week. i have seen mumford & sons perform the most magical musical set in front of my eyes, eaten a big meal of seafood at bay with boats at my back and my best friends on either side of my elbows.
my beach trip was wonderful. it was worth riding for 3 hours in a car sweating and hot in a car with no air conditioning. wednesday tim and i swam in the ocean for hours, with the sun beating down on our shoulders and faces. we floated in the water and let the waves drift us far away from shore. we all ate breakfast with his grandma and layed in bed falling asleep to movies and salty air at night. enjoyed lazy day, went to the aquarium to see the fish, had the best frozen yogurt and walked on the beach for miles at night. it was the perfect trip. the beach is my home.

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today my friends aaron & sarah got married.
and boy was it a hot day for a wedding. it was a lovely little wedding nestled out in the country hills. aaron and sarah ended up bumping up their wedding date by a few months so the wedding ended up being small, just family and close friends. it was a simple and beautiful ceremony and everything came together so nicely. i got to spend the day with my bestfriends dancing and loving on each other. oh and also i was wearing the same dress as the entire bridal party…which made the ladies directing angry and confused every time they were calling for pictures and i was not making my way to the camera. apparently i missed the memo on the dress. oops.
to aaron and sarah, i wish the best of luck and much happiness to both of you.

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strawberry picking

every year me and my mama go strawberry picking
  there is nothing like working a field of strawberries. sweating in the blistering hot sun, hunting for the best and most prominent berries to put in your bucket. the smell of fresh fruit, the feeling of its juices between your fingers and toes as you pick, step and work your way through the lines of strawberries. i don’t feel satisfied unless i finish with completely red & dirty hands, a sore back and a little bit of sun on my shoulders and face. this is one of the best joys of living in the south. the first day of strawberry picking season was a success.

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